Don't send your customers to competitors because you can't test the compressors!


CLT1 - Accurate Measuring of Clutchless Compressors

Clutchless techniques demands new ways of analysing and diagnosing. It is hard but crucial to measure the signals to the electronically controlled valve. You must know if the valve is reacting properly to steering signals, before opening the AC-loop.

Tricky? Not with CLT1!

CLT1 Is the Tool You Need, Because...

Clutchless compressors have increased their penetration in the current automotive market in the late years. Now a vast amount of vehicles have passed the warranty time and are now available for the Independent After Market (IAM).

The clutchless technique demands new ways of analysing the root cause and conducting the correct diagnosis. It is harder to measure signals to the electronically controlled valve. However, it is crucial to know if the valve is reacting properly to steering signals or not before opening the AC-loop.

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CLT1 - a clutchless compressor measuring tool with accessories.

Product Details

CLT1 will provide you with answer to question like:
• Is the malfunction dependant on the electronics or the AC-Loop?
• Since costs are not chargeable to the customer...
       - What does it cost me if I search in the wrong direction?
       - What does it cost to open the loop unnecessarily?

The CLT1 is developed to simplify the diagnosis as well as to test the system after conducted repair.
• It does NOT require any dismounting, simply disconnect the
     compressor cable and connect the tester.
• It gives you an answer within 15 minutes
• Invite your customer for a coffee meanwhile you diagnose the problem.
• The CLT enables you to a better perceived service level

You do not want to send a potential customer to your competitor because you can not test the compressor!!!

Delivery content:
• CLT Tester
• Cables for BMW, MB, Toyota and VAG applications
• Compressor simulator to prevent faults to be saved in the on
     board computer during the repair
• Power supply cable

With CLT1 you can test the following compressor types:

5SER09, 5SE09C, 6SEU14, 6SEU16, 7SEU16, 7SEU17           
PXE13, PXE14, PXE16
All external controlled compressors

CLT1 Manuals:
(PDF, ~370 kB)
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